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Frequantly Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions

What does the rental include?

The price of your rental includes the following: Helmets, the machine(s), truck and trailer, (all machines including truck come with a tank full of gas) We recommend that you bring either goggles or sunglasses.

When do I need to be at the office?

Please arrive to the office half an hour before your rental is due to start. Times for the half day rentals are 8:00am-12:00pm, and 2:00pm-6:00pm. Full days go 8am-5pm.

Does FOR provide me with maps?

Yes we provide maps and very detailed instructions from the beginning to the end of your rental. (Maps/Trails depend on the time of year and the trails open to the public)

Do I need vehicle insurance to drive the FOR truck?

Full coverage insurance is required in order to drive the trucks. This is like renting a vehicle from any other place. There is no additional charge for driving the trucks provided by FOR.

What if my car has a tow and hitch?

If your car has tow and hitch than you can choose to drive your own vehicle with a trailer to the trailhead. If not you can use the trucks we provide at no cost.

How does the Rental deposit get handled?

A credit card is needed in order to place your reservation. 48 hours before your reservation 50% is charged to the credit card. The charge to your credit card is nonrefundable.

Cancelation of my reservation

If you wish to cancel your reservation you must do so more than 48 hours beforehand. Once the deposit of 50% of your reservation is charged it will not be refunded.

What should I do before getting to the office?

In order to save you rental time it is preferred that you watch the safety video locate on our website before getting to the office. This will save you time so that you can get going on your adventure.

What trails will I be riding on?

Summit County has many trails located throughout the county. Some trails do require a US National Forrest charge of $6 per person over the age of 16. Please ensure touring cash if this is one of the trailheads you will be visiing. For more specific information please call us. Contact us Now (link that leads to phone call)

Are there any speed limits on the trails?

Yes all trails have a set speed limit of 30MPH. If the forrest enforcement catches you going over the speed limit you may incur a fee of anywhere from $500 to $1000. These fees can only be paid in person at the Grand Junction court. Be safe and stay within the speed limit.

What if I need help?

In the case that you happen to get stuck and cannot get yourself out we do provide you with numbers to our rescue team who will go to get you out. Please be aware that if a rescue team has to be deployed to get you, you may incur a fee. Always ride with someone else, never venture the mountains alone!

Is the cellphone service at the trails?

Cellphone coverage varies from trail to trail and is very sparse. To find the areas with the best coverage check your phone every once in a while.

Where are the bathrooms?

There are no bathrooms in the trailheads. Worry not there are trees all around you. We recommend going to the bathroom before you leave the office, and bringing toilet paper/wet wipes with you. Please bring any paper trash back with you to dispose of properly.

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